Mount Pelée

Hiking around the Mount Pelée

There are various starting points for climbing the Mount Pelee : Morne Rouge, Ajoupa-Bouillon , Grand Rivière , Le Prêcheur , Macouba . The trails are signposted , level 2 and 3, and require a good physical fitness. In times of high rainfall, fragile soils can become hazardous.
We highly recommend that you check the meteo before any hike. The following webcam provided by the IPGP (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) gives you the up-to-date weather conditions on the Mount Pelée.

Real time weather conditions on the Mount Pelée (OVSM-IPGP)

The Aileron route (Trail ONF n°23)

Length 2,5 km
Time 2h ½
Elevation 618m
Level 2
Start 2 km after the exit of Morne-Rouge, head to Ajoupa-Bouillon, take the road to the parking lot of the Aileron refuge ( 822 m).

The Grande-Savane route (Trail ONF n°19)

This route is open to every low mountain hiker. The Grande-Savanne trail is the only one from the Caribbean Coast. This downwind part of the island is sheltered from the Atlantic winds - les Alizées - by the Pelee and is therefore less rained on than the coast in the wind. The trail does not present any major difficulty. However make sure to take your sun protection, since you won't find any shade along the way .

Length 3,5 km
Time 2h ½
Elevation 717m
Level 2
Start Head to Le Prêcheur and then take the direction "Grande Savane" when you reach the la Charmeuse district at the entrance of Le Prêcheur.

The Grand-Rivière route (Trail ONF n°21)

This route requires to go to Grand Rivière, last town of north Martinique, which seems to have paused in history. You will have a breathtaking view of the Dominica channel. Note that some parts of this hike are steep.

Length 8 km
Time 3h ½
Elevation 1300m
Level 2
Start Habitation Beauséjour in Grand-Rivière.